biker camping gadgets
biker camping gadgets

Premium Knee and Elbow Guards-Carbon Fiber

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With the combination of carbon fiber construction and comfortable cushioning, these guards offer a balance between lightweight design and enhanced protection.

Carbon fiber is renowned for its outstanding strength-to-weight ratio and provides exceptional resistance to impacts, ensuring reliable protection against falls, collisions, and other potential hazards encountered during tourist activities. With its tough nature, carbon fiber guards can withstand abrasions and distribute impact forces effectively, reducing the risk of severe injuries.

The cushioning conforms to the shape of your knees and elbows, ensuring a snug and comfortable fit, reducing pressure points, and providing a high level of protection.

These guards feature adjustable straps for closures to allow for a customized and secure fit which prevents the guards from slipping or shifting during movement, allowing freedom of motion.


Brand: Motowolf

Material: Carbon Fiber, EVA, Lycra

 Style: Medium

Features: Four Season, Thick, Flexible, Widened Velcro, Widened Wings

Application: Racing, Off Road

Type: Professional

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